That's not our mess!

Katherine* and Lisa* were playing and eating a snack when the teacher came into the room. They completely ignored the mess they made on the floor. When the teacher asked them to clean it up, they said, "That’s not our mess!" The teacher explained that even if they didn’t make the mess, it is important that when they see something that need to be done, they do it. The teacher also talked about responsibility and telling the truth. The children knew they were wrong, but just looked shamefully down at the floor. They were encouraged to admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. In Factory Belt, China, people don’t normally do that.

The teacher asked, "Have you ever heard your parents apologize to each other?" Silence—a long silence. Then one boy spoke up, "I heard my parents say sorry once." Eleven of the 12 students said they had never heard their parents say, "I’m sorry." Pray for believers as they teach children and their parents. Pray that God will help them understand how to relate to each other in love and forgiveness. Also pray that many people in Factory Belt, China, will want to tell God how sorry they are for the sins in their lives and will turn away from those sins to follow Him every day.

(*name changed)

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

I am going to school. Pray for me that I make good friends. EMMA, age 9 (European peoples)

Pray for my family. JADEN, age 8 (Central Asian peoples)

A few years ago a young man prayed to receive Christ and was baptized.  Later he fell back into old ways and was on drugs and in jail.  He has recently come back to the Lord.  Please pray that he will seek God first and stay on His path. THOMAS, age 12 (European peoples)


Pray that our family will get settled soon and will have some solid roots for a long time and won't have any more storms, as we have had in recent times. WESLEY, age 13 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)


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