Their family is different

Yvette is 13 and Eve is 12-years-old. Both of them live in southern Senegal and have made friends with an 11-year-old girl named Grace. Grace is Yvette’s next door neighbor and she has lived there since 2009. The two girls have played together often. They have eaten at each other’s houses often. Several times, the Senegalese girl, Yvette, has taken food to the Grace’s family. It’s a good friendship: Grace has taught Yvette English and Yvette taught her French. A few months ago, Grace’s family moved away. Yvette is sad because Grace’s family is different. They love one another. The dad even apologized to her for getting on to her when it was really Grace that acted up and he found out the truth.

Eve used to live in norther Senegal but went to live with other family members in southern Senegal a couple years ago. She goes to school there and has a tutor too. She is friends with Yvette, so Eve met Grace before she moved. Eve noticed that Grace’s family does not celebrate the holidays like her family. She liked when the three of them played the card game Uno. Both of the girls wonder why Grace’s family is so different. It’s because they love Jesus and follow His Word. Will you pray for Yvette and Eve that they will remember the Bible stories that Grace told them and that they will decide to follow Jesus?

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Please pray for Mrs. Lovewell, a lady in our church, that her heart would be softened and her ears opened to the message of Truth, that one day soon, she would be saved by the power of Jesus’ name. EMILY, age 14 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

Pray for safe travels and for my friend. ALYSSA, age 9 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

My classmate broke her leg—please pray for it to heal. Also we might have to move—pray that we would have peace if we do. MITCHELL, age 10 (Central Asian peoples)


As the town begins to hang lights around the city in preparation for the holidays, pray that I can be a light for Christ at school.  At my school all symbols of faith (any faith) are banned. Pray that I can live out my faith so that my life can be a symbol of Christ's love and a light in a dark place. LILY, age 12 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)


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