How much they are loved

Education is highly valued in India—I mean they consider it REALLY important! Competition is fierce for placement in schools and universities. Many parents depend on the future salaries of their children, so a lot of weight is placed on these children to succeed. They have to study hard and don’t want to bring shame to their family. They need your prayers.

You want to do well in school too! Pray for yourself and for these children that all of you will achieve your very best. Education is important, and one of the most important subjects we can study is the Bible. God’s Word teaches us who He is, how to follow Him, and how to live each day. Ask God to help the children of India to understand how much they are loved by Him. Many of the children have never heard about Jesus, so I am praying with you that Christians will tell them stories from the Bible. 

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

I like to play handball and archery. It’s great that I go to a school that offers a variety of clubs and organizations! I also get to tell Bible stories to a group of kids at Deaf school. They love to see stories by other kids. Pray that my friendships will become a bridge for my parents to tell others about Jesus. SAMUEL, age 13 (Deaf peoples)

We go to daycare a couple days per week. It’s not the greatest—they watch a lot of TV. BUT, we really love our teacher. We are also learning to interact with local children and we are picking up a little language. (We might speak the language better than mom or dad soon.) In this culture, they never say "no" to little kids. (We kind of like that!) Pray for our parents that they will have wisdom in raising us. TWO MKs, age 2 and 3 (Central Asian peoples)

I had to decide what classes I will take in school for the next two years in preparation for my graduation test. I go to a German national school and the tests, especially, are hard: they are not True/False or Fill in the Blank! Pray that I do well in school. DARIO, age 16 (European peoples)

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