A child's prayer

Living among people who worship many different gods is interesting. "Religion" is everywhere we look and can truly become like a blurry backdrop to everything we see. Idols hang from rearview mirrors, decorate door frames, and sit on the dashboards of cars. Mosques and temples dot every neighborhood and shops usually have a display with their chosen gods. Saturday, as his parents were putting the three kids to bed, Bret asked to pray. When he prays, his voice somehow goes up an entire octave and sounds super cute. Brothers Clint and Scout say this is the voice that causes people to always give him candy. 

Though Bret’s voice is that of a small child, his prayer showed wisdom beyond his years. He asked for prayer for "all the Hindus and all those that worship idols, that they would know Jesus way better than they know Satan." Wow. Praise the Lord for little eyes that see truth and seek the Lord for the lost. Join us in praying a prayer like Bret's for the people of South Asia.


Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Sophia thinks Christmas will be weird because it's hot and it won't "feel" like Christmas. Pray that Sophia will find fun ways to celebrate Christmas even when it’s hot. SOPHIA, age 7 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

Please pray that God will help me in school.  I am in a national school and the language is hard to learn, hard to speak, and hard to understand.  I have a big break for Christmas, I am looking forward to speaking lots of English at home with my parents. BYRON, age 9 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

We might have to move, but I don't want to. Pray for me to have a good attitude no matter what we have to do CONNER, age 7 (Central Asian peoples)


Juliet and Johnny are really young MKs but they really don't care about the differences they are going to be facing celebrating Christmas in Africa instead of in the long as they're fed. Pray for Juliet and Johnny that they will grow up strong in the Lord. JULIET and JOHNNY, ages 3 and 2 (Sub-Saharan African peoples)


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