Rockslides and relief

Driving on the roads in some countries can be pretty tricky. Relief workers in Tajikistan were trying to deliver materials to a Baptist Global Response (BGR) project in the valley. After a month of waiting, they finally got the "roads clear" call and started out with two 18-wheeler trucks. As they came through a tunnel, it started to rain and sleet. That caused fresh rockslides that blocked the only road to the valley. They were stuck! Stuck with two 18-wheelers worth of materials, and even donkeys couldn’t reach them from the villages impacted by the rockslides! In the middle of the muddy road, they saw a man in a business suit on his phone. He happened to be the new director of emergency services and just happened to be calling the mayors of the villages affected by those rockslides.

The relief workers introduced themselves to this man, Roy*, and asked if he could help find a place to store the materials. Roy was very interested in the potato project the relief workers were doing. He found a walled yard where they could put their supplies until the road could be cleared. Since then, they have continued talking with Roy. He is proving to be what we call a "man of peace" (Luke 10:6), someone who may not be a Christian yet but is willing to help open doors into a new community. Please thank God for Roy and pray that he will soon choose to follow Jesus. Pray for the people, living in the villages of Tajikistan, that they will welcome the relief workers when they come to help and welcome Jesus when they hear Bible stories.

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Please pray that the believers in Isoka, Zambia would stand firm in their faith. AVA, age 12 (Sub-Saharan African peoples) _____________________________________________________________________________

I want you to pray for our friends in Central Asia.  I wish for you to pray for us. JEANIE, age 8 (Central Asian peoples)

Please pray for the people of Zambia, that their hearts would be softened and their ears opened to the message of the Truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. EMILY, age 13, (Sub-Saharan African peoples)

Please pray for me as I have epilepsy.  I am starting a new school in the fall.  Pray that I will make new friends and learn and that my epilepsy will be better. NATHAN, age 9 (European peoples)


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