Colorful women harvest tea

You may have seen pictures…ladies wearing colorful saris dotting the hillsides as they work their way through the tea plants, plucking the tender shoots and tossing them into baskets or sacks on their backs. They are the lifeblood of Sri Lankan tea plantations. For 150 years, their families have lived in virtual slavery, receiving a few dollars a day for long hours of grueling, tedious work. Western countries have pressed the government and owners so that there are increased wages and some better housing, even medical care. But in the minds of these women, they are just slaves, just property. For the women of the longhouses where they live, life holds little hope.

Hinduism is their religion and it says that all they have to look forward to is a chance to improve in the next life. For those who have never heard about Jesus, the Good News is a blast of sunlight. Pray that God will help His church in the hill country of Sri Lanka so that they will see these women and pray for them as individuals beloved by God. Pray that they will tell the women the stories of Jesus and help them understand His love.

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Please pray for my people in Germany because some of them can be mean.  And for my family to travel good. ELLIE, age 9 (European peoples)

Pray for us to be safe. Pray for people to believe. BETHANY, age 8 (Southeast Asian peoples)

Pray for my Dad’s arm.  Pray for Jacob at school.  Pray for safe travels. ESTHER, age 8 (East Asian peoples)

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