Are you coming?

"Are you coming to tell the stories, the ones about Jesus?" Josiah*, a 12-year-old Sereer boy living in a village near the Harvest Hope garden, asked Ann.* "Are you ready for me to come?" she asked. He looked down at his two younger cousins who had walked with him, and all three children nodded enthusiastically in agreement, "Yes, we’re ready!" Ann straightened up from her weeding in the garden and walked with the children. Josiah said, "I am following Jesus. I am praying to Him now." Ann asked, "Why do you want to follow Jesus?" "Because He is good. He loves us. He is our Savior." 

Nodding her head, Ann answered, "Yes, that’s true, and it’s why I follow Him, too. I know that God forgives my sin because of my faith in Jesus. Let’s go share stories!" Women and children gathered together under a shade tree as Ann told the story of the woman at the well. Josiah sat on the mat at Ann’s feet, listening very closely. Won’t you pray for Josiah and others who are just beginning to follow Jesus but have been afraid to tell others. Pray that they will have courage, like the Samaritan woman, to tell their village about Jesus and what He has done for them. (*names changed)

Prayer requests from Missionary Kids

Pray that all people in Egypt would come to know God.  Pray that our family would teach other people about Jesus.  Pray that I would have the courage to stand up for my faith. ABBY, age 9 (Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples) 

I am going to middle school and that has a whole new set of problems. Pray that I will do well in school and with my friends. CAELYN, age 11 (European peoples)

Please pray for God to help me walk again. I broke my leg a couple months ago. The doctor said I can walk now, but it is not easy for me because I haven’t walked in a long time. My mom does special things with me to help my muscles get big again but it will take some time. I really want God to heal my leg so I can run again! LUKE, age 4 (Central Asian peoples)


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